downgraded server from 5.2 to 5.1, everything dumps core now

Peter fbsdq at
Wed Sep 15 19:28:51 PDT 2004

Kris Wrote:
>If you did it properly, yeah.  You're trying to run 5.2 binaries on a
>5.1 kernel, which will not work.  At this point you can go back to the
>5.2 kernel, or reinstall 5.1 from other media (CD, FTP, etc).


That's the first thing I checked, but logs and 'ls -l' show differently.
Three other servers I ran this script, but cvsupped from 5.0 to 5.2, no problems. [except mergemaster here and there].
I built world and kernel all from the same sources.  I had 5.2, cvsupped [src-all] to 5.1 [accidentally], ran my buildworld script:

cvsup -g -L2 /root/stable-supfile && echo STABLE --- `date` >> /root/buildword && \ 
rm -rf /usr/obj/* && \
cd /usr/src && \
make buildworld && echo BUILD - `date` >> /root/buildword && \
make buildkernel KERNCONF=intranet&&echo BKERNEL - `date`>> /root/buildword && \
make installkernel KERNCONF=intranet&&echo IKERNEL - `date`>>/root/buildword&& \
make installworld && echo INSTALL - `date` >> /root/buildword && reboot

with the following stuff being logged:
STABLE --- Fri Sep 10 22:57:43 MDT 2004
BUILD - Sat Sep 11 01:34:37 MDT 2004
BKERNEL - Sat Sep 11 11:02:54 MDT 2004
IKERNEL - Sat Sep 11 11:03:14 MDT 2004
INSTALL - Sat Sep 11 11:09:55 MDT 2004

time lapse there is because I went to sleep, and in the morning woke up, and noticed I  misspelled the kernel name.

If I do 'ls -l /bin/' and 'ls -l /boot/kernel' the create dates/times are within a couple minutes of each other.
I can ssh into the server fine, but another funny thing, "su" works without a password [pam has issues also].  Apache dies, sendmail dies. 
ksh93 dumps core on 'tab' auto completion.

Why would Apache die? It's from ports, no matter if I compiled it with 5.2 kernel, or 5.0, it should work thoughout all the 5.x series right?

This is more of a mystery than a problem.  I just want to figure out what/where went wrong.

Confused like a nucking fut.  First time in 5+ years a FreeBSD didn't "just work".


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