what are the pros and cons of running in single user?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Thu Sep 16 07:03:02 PDT 2004

> I have a machine running 4.10-STABLE that will be a dedicated gateway 
> with a router/firewall combo and web server plus mysql server (maybe). 
> What would be the pros and cons of running this system single user? 
> Processes that run under their own uid, would they be able to run?
> Just curious. Any extra thoughts welcome.

I wonder if you have your terminology a little skewed.
Single User mode does not just mean that only one user is
allowed on the machine.  It is probably an inappropriate
name for the situation actually.   It really means that almost
all of system services, utilities and applications  are shut 
down and only very basic kernel stuff is up and running.   
You have to run that single user from the console (or remote console).

This is a little different from SysV Sun kind of single user run
setting where you can just kick off all users, but have almost all 
of the system still up and running.   That is kind of a partial
shutdown.   BSD doesn't really have that, though I suppose you
could simulate it by moungin stuff and carefully starting things 
from its single user mode - create a script that will do what
you want, but...

You could do other things to prevent any other users to get on the 
fully running system and only allow yourself.  But, I don't think
what you want is what is called "single user mode" for that.


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