Status telnet/tn3270 [was I have some questions...]

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Tue Sep 14 09:43:00 PDT 2004

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> >I have some questions about
> >telnet/telnetd/libtelnet/tn3270 and why FreeBSD is
> >different than other BSDs in this regard
> --- Phil Helms <Phil.Helms at> wrote:
> > Any luck with fixing tn3270 yet?

I thought a full tn3270 emulation includes graphics, I think the tn3270 in
was a stripped down emulation that didn't include that.

You could find an old version of FreeBSD that was pre-tn3270 excision and
it out I guess.

When operating in line-mode, a real tn3270 emulates a VT52.  So there's not
point in having it in unless it supports the graphics stuff.


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