Status telnet/tn3270 [was I have some questions...]

K. Greenwood k_greenwood1 at
Tue Sep 14 07:16:24 PDT 2004

Painfully long subject line:

>I have some questions about
>telnet/telnetd/libtelnet/tn3270 and why FreeBSD is
>different than other BSDs in this regard

--- Phil Helms <Phil.Helms at> wrote:

> Any luck with fixing tn3270 yet?

Well, no one else has responded (on list) so here's
the pertainent link regarding a long discussion on
it's status

So it has a new maintainer... good, but the
conversation somewhat stagnates.  When we go to the
cvsweb to note the last updates here:

It does not look like any radical changes have
occurred, so my guess would be nope.  Nobody has
bothered to get around to it.

Good luck

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