the port net/tn3270

Paul Seniura pdseniura at
Wed Sep 15 14:25:21 PDT 2004


> Any luck with fixing tn3270 yet?

I am the volunteer to update it.

My 'mentor', Mark Linimon, understandably became
too busy with other things.  Then shortly
afterwards and ever since, I have been stuck on
getting almost 550 ports caught up... I'm taking
advantage of the current freeze.  Still have a
handful that won't compile with 6-Current's
system gcc342.  ;)

I've mentioned other things getting in the way on
the public forums so I won't bore you with
rehashing them here.  ;)

I believe the 'official' open source x3270 project
is now located at this website:
possibly mirrored here:

What I _really_ need is for a legal-person to read the
licenses (yes plural: based on the component and people
who have worked on and contributed to them).  This info
can be found here:  <> 
The usual legal questions arise: 
Are we permitted to turn these projects into BSD ports
via the skeleton makefile etc.? 
Are we permitted to automatically fetch the src
May we build packages (precompiled binaries etc.) for
distribution via our usual methods? 
... etc. ... 
(This is the reason I CC'd the ports@ maillist, hoping
to get better coverage this way ;) ).

I will have more to say & ask after we find out the
legal status for this project's use on BSD. 
To wet your whistle: 
I want to get this working on OSX-Panther (I use at
home, where no li'l-endians are allowed ;) ) as well
as other platforms, not just i386, but I have no
access to other than i386 ("puny p2") and ppc
(a massively upgraded G4 Sawtooth machine). 
Also, I use a 'real' 3270 keyboard aka GWSP, so this
project may need some hackin' into the BSD kernel
keyboard routines to function properly (e.g. as a
'real' 3270 terminal would ;) ). 
A good thing about this project is that it doesn't
seem to require the system telnet source code at all. 
Hint hint.  :)
A bad thing is that the project plans on adding the
graphics support later.  I haven't joined their
maillist, so I don't know "how much later" this will
be or the 'kind' of graphics (programmed symbols? how
about GDDM vector commands?).

Thank you and/or whoever can delve into its legal stuff,
that's all I need help on right now.  :)

  --  Paul Seniura
      System Specialist (yes on IBM OS/390 z/OS)
      State of Okla. D.O.T.

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