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Sat Sep 11 06:57:10 PDT 2004

"David Garcia G." <gdavidgg at> wrote:

> Hi to the FreeBSD team, my name is David Garcia, I'm from Mexico, I'm
> a university student of computing and I'm investigating about the
> FreeBSD OS, I would really apreciate some specifical information like
> technical information about the kernel, the advantages and disadvantages
> agains the Linux operating systems, it's independence of the hardware
> where it's running and the facilities that FreeBSD gives for software
> develop. I would really apreciate such information, I know it's common
> information but not so easy to find on internet, mostly because I need
> some technical information. I'm writing you because the page of FreeBSD
> for Mexico seems to be out of service. Thank you.

Please wrap your lines around 72 characters ... see

Look harder:
The FreeBSD Developers' Handbook is a good place to start:

Also, _The_Design_and_Implementation_of_FreeBSD_ is available from, and probably other places as well.

Bill Moran
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