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Sat Sep 11 02:26:55 PDT 2004

There is plenty of information on the web just google for FreeBSD vs Linux
like this one:
If the Mexican mirror doesn't work go to the main site: there are plenty of links and information..
You're welcome,

David Garcia G. wrote:

>Hi to the FreeBSD team, my name is David Garcia, I'm from Mexico, I'm a university student of computing and I'm investigating about the FreeBSD OS, I would really apreciate some specifical information like technical information about the kernel, the advantages and disadvantages agains the Linux operating systems, it's independence of the hardware where it's running and the facilities that FreeBSD gives for software develop. I would really apreciate such information, I know it's common information but not so easy to find on internet, mostly because I need some technical information. I'm writing you because the page of FreeBSD for Mexico seems to be out of service. Thank you.
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