Question about FreeBSD.

yuri van Overmeeren yuri.vanovermeeren at
Fri Sep 10 09:51:54 PDT 2004

Johan Claesson wrote:

> Hi, I'm quite new to the world of linux, and I are going to set up a 
> linux server, and I'm looking aroud for a good linux system, and I 
> find FreeBSD quite interesting. Does FreeBSD have a X-mode and is it 
> easy to handle? Whats the difference between FreeBSD, Slackware and 
> Redhat?
> Thanks for your time.
> Best regards,
> Johan

As said before FreeBSD is not a linux distribution, FreeBSD is a more 
direct descendant of Unix.

Red Hat is the most user friendly of the ones you name, but in my 
opinion it's not very good

Slackware is the most 'clean' linux distribution around, It has good 
performance and is very customisable and very very stable. I'd say it's 
one of the most unix like linux in structure.

FreeBSD is not a linux, But the best on your list in my opinion. It's 
extremely stable, very easy to maintain, update and fix.
Performance, especially with multiple things going on, is much better 
then on linux in my expereince.

All 3 come with the X window system and a few GUIs like KDE and Gnome etc...
Slackware and FreeBSD dont have them set up and configured by default, 
you have to do that yourself. (it's not scary)

If you understand the basics of a Unix OS, FreeBSD is very clear and 
easy to handle.
If you are comletely new I do recommend reading up on some Unix basics, 
and/or the chapters in the FreeBSD handbook on this.


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