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On Fri, Sep 10, 2004 at 04:03:37PM +0000, Johan Claesson wrote:
> Hi, I'm quite new to the world of linux, and I are going to set up a linux 
> server, and I'm looking aroud for a good linux system, and I find FreeBSD 
> quite interesting. Does FreeBSD have a X-mode and is it easy to handle? 
> Whats the difference between FreeBSD, Slackware and Redhat?

Verb. Sap.  Please do not confuse FreeBSD and Linux -- the two are
quite separate projects.  FreeBSD is not Linux.

FreeBSD is a Unix OS derived from the 4.4BSD-lite codebase developed
by the Computer Systems Research Group at the University of Berkeley.

Yes, FreeBSD runs pretty much all readily available free or open
source software, including X Windows (either XFree86 or X.Org
implementations) and the KDE and Gnome desktop environments.  There
are over 11,000 readily available applications from the ports
collection, any of which can be installed with consumate ease simply
by typing 'make install' in the correct directory.

I personally think it's much the easiest to manage out of all of the
examples you cite, but then again I've been dealing with Unix and
unix-like systems for years. As a complete beginner you'll find that
FreeBSD teaches you a lot more about the innards of the system and
what precisely is going on than most other OSes.  It does that by not
even attempting to provide a lobotomized "for beginners only"
management interface.

I suggest you take a look at the FreeBSD handbook and the other, quite
extensive, documentation available on the FreeBSD site:



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