rl2 not working on otherwise functioning network/gateway

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Wed Sep 1 21:14:41 PDT 2004

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Subject: rl2 not working on otherwise functioning network/gateway

> Ok, if someone here can help me w/ this I will be really grateful. I
> turned to this list after a post on a forum offering the expected 
> advice
> didn't help solve my problem. Basically my computer acts as a gateway 
> for
> my network, and it functions fine. I then decided to add another 
> network
> adapter so that I could add my file server to the network. But after
> making the necessary changes to my rc.conf, I found that the network 
> card
> was "active", but had no IP address, and wasn't passing traffic. I'm
> attaching my dmesg, and the output from ifconfig rl2. Here are a few
> things I've tried to remedy the problem.


You can't have multiple nics on the same network segment unless the 
system is in bridge mode. If you're wanting to route through, I assume, 
rl0 to the net, and have rl1 internal to the other system(s), you'll 
either have to bridge rl1 / rl2 together (man bridge) or renumber your 
internal systems to something other than the same network that rl1 is 


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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