port redirection from 2 public ips -> natd to a single service.

Shawn list at pc-remedies.net
Wed Sep 1 19:45:08 PDT 2004

I'm using natd and doing port redirection with a natd.conf file. I have a
mission to accomplish this week last sec. O NO...  

We have to change our IP address on the mail server and they run this mail
server off a windows machine.. (placeing the windows machine one the Internet
with out firewall is out of the question) we need 2 public IP addresses to
redirect to a single machine behind them.

The firewall in place now allows DMZ hosting. However, it will not allow us to
alias an address outside of its network.

plan is to place a freebsd machine in the middle and configure natd with ipfw
and so on... well we got the machine working as the gateway and redirected
traffic for 110 and 25. as well as a test port 8384. That was great.. more
like a good time!! ;-) well the challenge was to alias an address to the
public interface and see if that would work. results are .. 

we could see port redirection working on the Primary address and not the
secondary. all though the machine was responding for both IPs. (made
connections to the freebsd machine on both IPs) Just the port forwarding would
not work. 

we also tried placing the IP address where we had the interface name to enable
nat and listed it twice. one for each address. 

same results..

we then tried to place another physical interface into the machine and muk
with nat in that way. no luck... to be honest the brain had series pain at the
moment and I cant remember much more.. 

Wondering if there is someone out there who maybe able to answer this one or
place me ina direction. This could save a us from a future migraine from the
ear full we will get.. hehe :-) 

Thanks for your time.. 


"PC's are like air conditioners.. They are both useless with windows open!!!!"

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