Software or hardware RAID1. (gstripe)

Thordur I. thib at
Wed Oct 27 14:38:58 PDT 2004

I´m currently trying to decide upon a sultion on how to go about keepin 
my data safe.

Now, a RAID1 setup sounds good in this position. But I can´t seem to 
find an answer to one question.

Let´s say that I have 2x 120Gb (ad1 and ad2) disk. I stripe them wich 
should give something like /dev/stripe/foo  (either with gstripe or a 
hardware raid controler.)

Now I fill this striped volume with data, and ad1 dies.
What happen´s ?
Does gstripe alert my that ad1 has died and will I still be able to 
access /dev/stripe/foo ?
And when I shut the box down, remove ad1 and insert another (identical 
disk) to restore the stripe, what then ? (assume the same bus ofcourse)

I have tryed to google this up but to no avail.

Any help is well appriceated.

With kind regards,
Thordur I.

PS: CC my for I´m not on the list. (Btw, do list members consider this a 
bother for if so I would just subscripe to the list (currently though 
I´m supscried to what I think are to many lists :))

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