Need some ideas

Henry Miller hmiller at
Thu Oct 28 05:37:32 PDT 2004

On 10/27/2004 at 16:08 Bob Bomar wrote:
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>I am building a machine that connects to my stereo, to play mp3's, and
>does some other stuff.  I am looking a way to add a keypad for
>fast forward/rewind/stop/play/pause/next/prev, etc.  I tried hacking a
>keyboard, but I didnt get too far.  The one serial port on the machine

>is taken,
>so it needs to be parallel or USB.
>Anybody have any ideas?


I'd start with
which is a more general how-to site, but has a bunch of stuff that
might be of interest.  In particular lookup their interfaces link,
which is the most customize able solution.   Very do it yourself, but
that means you can put exactly the buttons you want on.  I you haven't
looked at this link beware, there are some examples that just might
inspire you to toss everything out so far and start over again.

You can also search google for numeric keypad.   Don't forget to search
froogle as well.

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