Software or hardware RAID1. (gstripe)

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> I´m currently trying to decide upon a sultion on how to go about keepin
> my data safe.

RAID 5 is your best bet. RAID 1 Just ensures mirroring. While RAID 5
can actually rebuild volumes.

> Let´s say that I have 2x 120Gb (ad1 and ad2) disk. I stripe them wich
> should give something like /dev/stripe/foo  (either with gstripe or a
> hardware raid controler.)
You get that strip device only if you use a softwre RAID. If you ues a
RAID controller card, the whole RAID is completely transparent to the

> Now I fill this striped volume with data, and ad1 dies.
> What happen´s ?
> Does gstripe alert my that ad1 has died and will I still be able to
> access /dev/stripe/foo ?

You don't need to care about the striping, as both the Disks are exact
clones of each other. So you can simply pull out the healthy disk and
start using it as a single drive OR you can push in another healthy
disk to replace the dead one and rebuild the volume. However if you
are using a RAID controller card, the hardware would do the rebuilding
for you. Refer to the Vinum volume manager section of the handbook.

> PS: CC my for I´m not on the list. (Btw, do list members consider this a
> bother for if so I would just subscripe to the list (currently though
> I´m supscried to what I think are to many lists :))

This is an open list so anyone may subscribe. BTW I personally feel
its worthwhile to subscribe even if you dont want or not capable to
asnwer questions because you can learn from others problems and save
hours of troubleshoting later. You can also live with a scalp full of
hair :-).


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