Can no longer boot 4.10 after installing 5.3RC1 on different partition.

Mark Jayson Alvarez jay2xra at
Tue Oct 26 23:59:49 PDT 2004

Good day,
   A have a serious problem going on with my hard
drive. My hard disk, 80 GB seagate has 4 partitions. 

1 freebsd 4.10
2 openbsd 3.5
3 linux 
4 Win2k

I've downloaded the miniinst iso of FreeBSD 5.3 and
decided to install it in linux partition. During the
installation, I've deleted the linux partition and
create a new partition for freebsd 5.3. Also, I've
choosen not to install the 5.3 boot manager hoping
that the present 4.10 boot manager will do the work
for me. I've also set the 5.3 partition as Active so
that my pc will boot right away to that partition. 
And then I booted into 5.3 for quite some time,
familiarizing myself with the environment.
    But then, when I felt I'm badly missing my 4.10,
I've booted my pc into 4.10 installation cd so that I
can bring back the 4.10 boot manager. But on my
surprise, when I pressed F1 for freebsd 4.10, it says
"""invalid partition""". whooaa!! 

   Ok, no problem.. I'll use the 5.3 boot manager. So
I booted my pc to the 5.3 cd, and try pressing the 

"w" while on fdisk and then selecting to install the
FreeBSD boot manager when asked to. Finally, I've
booted into my hardisk with the 5.3 boot manager, and
then it still says... 
"invalid partition!!!" I've tried the other,
partitions(openbsd,win2k,5.3) and they booted ok. Only
the 4.10 does not.

I've also noticed that during the installation of 5.3,
the sysinstall is telling me that my hard disk
geometry something... is incorrect that I should
consult its manual to correct the problem which I just
ignored. Could this be...?

P.S. Help me please sir!!!My my 1,765 MB porn
collection is in danger!!!

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