Flash Drives Sanity Check

Graham Bentley gbentley at uk2.net
Wed Oct 27 00:42:35 PDT 2004

Hi List !

I was wondering if anyone had any experience
of running FreeBSD out of Compact Flash ?

The HDD to Flash adapters are around 15GBP
here and 1GB of Flash about 70GBP

I know there are some projects around that use
Compact Flash (like Openbrick) but I was thinking
more in terms of running a stripped down desktop

Does CF stand lots of read / write operations ?

I read somewhere that it has quite low life
expectancy ?

My main idea is to use the Mini-ITX platform to
build a tiny workstation that has a stripped down
FreeBSD with something like Fluxbox and to
get the whole thing to run from the CF using
a USB Stick for storing work.

Have I lost the plot here OR is this idea viable ?

Any comments welcome :)


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