Multilink PPP over UDP Tunnel

Gerard D. gedads at
Tue Oct 26 20:05:50 PDT 2004

I'm trying to create a multilink ppp over udp tunnel to combine the
bandwidth of 3 dsl lines into one big fat pipe. I currently have a
FreeBSD server co located at my ISP's data center and a FreeBSD Server
at my house with 3 dsl lines. I would like to be able to create some
kind of tunnel or vpn to the co located server and have it evenly
distribute the bandwith over the 3 dsl lines. I have been
experimenting with using ppp over TCP tunnels however the speeds are
very inconsistent. However when I use PPPoUDP the speeds are great for
a single line. My problem is is that I cannot seem to bring up more
than one udp tunnel. Soon as the second link tries to come up the
whole tunnel is closed. Does anyone have a working example of
Multilink PPP over UDP tunnel? I have looked at the
ppp.conf.span-isp.working in the examples directory many of times
however it is extremely confusing.

Does anyone know if Multilink PPPoE is possible? I know there are
companys in the UK doing ML-PPPoA but I need ML-PPPoE. I have the full
support of my isp in configuring their cisco routers to help me with
ml-pppoe I just need to tell them how to set it up for me. If anyone
could help with either of my issues I would greatly appreciate it.

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