Sysinstall FTP from LAN - not working

Les Kruszewski leskruz at
Mon Oct 25 12:50:47 PDT 2004

I am trying to install 5.2.1 from an iMac running OSX with an FTP server.  When I set up the FTP address I use the iMac's IP and enter the FreeBSD folder location.  The iMac has a password and user so these are entered in the options menu.  The user, password, and IP/folder are identical to that used on my FTP client under Win98 that connects without issue.  The box I am installing FreeBSD on is also a Win98 box.  When running Win98 on this box I have no problems connecting to the FTP server on the iMac.  
The error message that I get is "no route to host"  and then it asks if I would like to reconfigure.
I can't connect in sysinstall with the freebsd servers either (directly or in passive mode).  Again outside of the sysinstall in Win98 on the same machine, no problem.  

I have connected to the same location to load Suse Linux on another computer in the LAN.
I set up the network information automatically with the DHCP selection so that all the information regarding my LAN comes from the router.  I know that I have communication between the installer and the router since all the system info comes across okay.  
I cannot get a ping response, when tried from a Win98 box on the LAN, for the network address associated with the computer's NIC that I am trying to install FreeBSD on when sysinstall runs.
Any thoughts on proper configuration?
Les Kruszewski

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