Java under Opera 7.54?

Brian Bobowski bbobowski at
Thu Oct 21 00:30:38 PDT 2004

Hi all.

Web browsers evidently don't like me. I'd prefer to run Firefox, but it  
frequently either core-dumps on signal 11 or just disappears entirely; as  
it is I'm basically only able to use it for Gmail. So I turned back to  
Opera, which has proven quite stable.

However, I've NEVER been able to get Java working under Opera. The docs  
say that it uses Java 2(various example paths have J2RE) and the only Java  
2 thing I can find is the SDK. Given the time it took to compile the JRE  
I've got, I'd rather not install that port only to find that it's useless  
to me.

FreeBSD 5.2.1, Opera 7.54, and I did try pointing Opera to my existing  
Java path, /usr/local/linux-sun-jdk1.4.2/jre/lib/i386/

When asked to Validate, Opera says it looks fine, but when I restart it,  
Help->About reports no JRE installed and Java applets don't work. The  
checkbox to activate Java is greyed out.

Has anyone been able to convince Java and Opera to get along under  
FreeBSD? If so, any help would be appreciated. I'm not the most technical  
of people, so while I can install FreeBSD just fine, the multitude of JREs  
and JDKs leaves me at a loss.


-Brian Bobowski

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