What version of FBSD does Yahoo run?

Andrew Jones chaosasj at bellsouth.net
Fri Oct 8 12:09:34 PDT 2004

TM4525 at aol.com wrote:

>You guys are the ones making the claims that 5.3 is "going to be
>so great".  I just wonder how you come to that conclusion if you don't
>have any definitive tests. I dont have a release to test, so when its done
>I'll test it.
6.0 is much, much better. And try downloading a release before saying 
that it will suck.

>The folks at LINUX are guilty of building an O/S to suit their benchmarks. Its
>equally disturbing to implement theory without making sure that the theory
>works as expected. I just hope that pounding packets through a socket  and 
>timing mySQL selects aren't the entirety of your team's arsenal.
Oh, ok. Go back to slashdot buddy.

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