All I want is KDE 3.2

Chuck McManis cmcmanis at
Sun Feb 29 14:51:45 PST 2004

That should be simple, however I'm getting close to looking at a full 
re-install :-(

I'm running 4.8, I made sure I had cvsup'd the ports collection. I tried to 
download the 4-STABLE packages but trying to add them with pkg_add was 
giving me fits (some would, some claim that a previous version is installed 
but neither pkg_update nor pkg_delete can find the old version)

I tried to rebuild KDE3.2 from ports, this fails in tk84 at the moment 
(tk84 won't build) This is really nuts I think.

Anyone have a cookbook for making things sane? Will pkg_delete -a followed 
by adding back the packages I want have any hope of succeeding?


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