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On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 02:02:32PM -0800, Matthew, Kristina and Ethan wrote:

> i have a mac osx machine and a freebsd 4.4 machine
> connected via a crossover cable for a small network. 
> i have been able to figure out NFS, Apache, FTP etc. 
> and so far it's really fun.  what i'd like to be able
> to do is as follows:
> i have a modem on my bsd box and it connects via ppp
> to a dial-up isp.  i would like to configure such that
> when i request an internet site from my mac, the bsd
> box dials up the isp and acts as a gateway until i'm
> done online, then disconnects... 
> is this possible, is it really complicated?

It's certainly possible, and it's not too difficult.  Start by setting
up PPP on the FreeBSD box -- there's plenty of examples and howtos
around to help you do that, particularly:



I recommend you use the user-mode PPP if you're just using a standard
POTS dialup.  You will want to use the ppp -nat command line option.

Now, put:


into /etc/rc.conf, and either reboot or run:

    # sysctl net.inet.ip.forwarding=1

On your MacOS X machine, set the default route to the IP number of the
FreeBSD box on your X-over cable.  Set the nameserver IP numbers in
/etc/resolv.conf or whatever the MacOS X eqivalent is to the same
numbers as on your FreeBSD box (these will either have been provided
for you in your ISP's documentation, or automatically as part of the
PPP dialup process).

That should be pretty much all you need to do: try looking at some
Internet sites and see how well it works.



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