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Matthew, Kristina and Ethan mcgrawfam at
Thu Feb 19 14:02:33 PST 2004

i'm a FreeBSD/*nix newbie, all self taught.  I am
trying to figure out if a certain scenario is

i have a mac osx machine and a freebsd 4.4 machine
connected via a crossover cable for a small network. 
i have been able to figure out NFS, Apache, FTP etc. 
and so far it's really fun.  what i'd like to be able
to do is as follows:

i have a modem on my bsd box and it connects via ppp
to a dial-up isp.  i would like to configure such that
when i request an internet site from my mac, the bsd
box dials up the isp and acts as a gateway until i'm
done online, then disconnects... 

is this possible, is it really complicated?

i know a windoze app. called WinProxy used to be
available to do this.


Matthew, Kristina and Ethan McGraw
Las Vegas, NV

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