Install Troubles on IBM x searie 345 and ServeRaid 6i

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Mon Feb 16 07:06:38 PST 2004

> Hi
> We have here in the office two new server maschines.
> IBM x Server 345 with a Raid Controller: ServeRaid 6i
> I have download the latest FreeBSD Version 5.2.1 RC2 12.2.04
> But the Kernel doen't find the Raid Controller, it's say: No driver attached
> When i read the doc's it must be compiled in the main kernel (IPS are the
> driver), from the Install CD Rom.
> Yes, i have try to install with the Floppy Version, too... in drivers.flp
> see IPS Driver...

I don't have a 5.xx here to look at right now, but in 4.9, the latest I
have, I don't find an IPS driver listed in lint.  Do you have that right?
If that driver id is correct, it must be new in 5.xx.   Then you need to 
read up on making a custom kernel and then add the ips driver to the config 
file and make and install a new kernel.  When you do that, work with a 
copy of the /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC file rather than modifying
it directly.  Refer to the .../LINT file for syntax on all the drivers.

You might not be able to do that starting on the raid.  You may need
another non-raid disk (SCSI preferably, it you have a SCSI controller)
to get started. 

If the necessary driver is not in the 5.2  .../LINT file, then you
may have to help make a driver or get someone else interested.

Note, that I don't think all of the driver ids are one for one
identical from Linux to FreeBSD.  So, if it is ips in Redhat, it
might supposed to be something else in FreeBSD.   That is a little
beyond my experience.

By the way, where is the .ch (from your Email address) from?  I have
seen it several times lately.


> Have anyone a idee how i can install Freebsd?
> (at the moment only RedHut <9 it's working with this server, and i want not
> use linux)
> Very thanx, Michel
> PS: Sorry for my english...:)

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