Install Troubles on IBM x searie 345 and ServeRaid 6i

Michel Schwab michel.schwab at
Mon Feb 16 07:48:01 PST 2004

Hi Jerry

Yes, the ips driver are only in the <5.x Version....
No when i read the specs right then it must be buildet in the Boot Install
Kernel of the 5.x Version.

I think this IBM Server Motherboard an ServeRaid 6i are the big problem :(

last chance...:)
Is it possible a 5.xx to install on a laptop to make current with cvsup and
make a special Kernel (shure is't true...), but how i make from this build a
ISO, that i can burning to cdrom ans install on the server?
If there have some guidance, URL to to that?

thank you

Jerry, ".ch" are in Switzerland :)

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> >
> > Hi
> >
> > We have here in the office two new server maschines.
> > IBM x Server 345 with a Raid Controller: ServeRaid 6i
> >
> > I have download the latest FreeBSD Version 5.2.1 RC2 12.2.04
> >
> > But the Kernel doen't find the Raid Controller, it's say: No driver
> >
> > When i read the doc's it must be compiled in the main kernel (IPS are
> > driver), from the Install CD Rom.
> > Yes, i have try to install with the Floppy Version, too... in
> > see IPS Driver...
> I don't have a 5.xx here to look at right now, but in 4.9, the latest I
> have, I don't find an IPS driver listed in lint.  Do you have that right?
> If that driver id is correct, it must be new in 5.xx.   Then you need to
> read up on making a custom kernel and then add the ips driver to the
> file and make and install a new kernel.  When you do that, work with a
> copy of the /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC file rather than modifying
> it directly.  Refer to the .../LINT file for syntax on all the drivers.
> You might not be able to do that starting on the raid.  You may need
> another non-raid disk (SCSI preferably, it you have a SCSI controller)
> to get started.
> If the necessary driver is not in the 5.2  .../LINT file, then you
> may have to help make a driver or get someone else interested.
> Note, that I don't think all of the driver ids are one for one
> identical from Linux to FreeBSD.  So, if it is ips in Redhat, it
> might supposed to be something else in FreeBSD.   That is a little
> beyond my experience.
> By the way, where is the .ch (from your Email address) from?  I have
> seen it several times lately.
> ////jerry
> >
> > Have anyone a idee how i can install Freebsd?
> > (at the moment only RedHut <9 it's working with this server, and i want
> > use linux)
> >
> > Very thanx, Michel
> >
> > PS: Sorry for my english...:)
> >

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