Install Troubles on IBM x searie 345 and ServeRaid 6i

Michel Schwab michel.schwab at
Mon Feb 16 06:21:15 PST 2004


We have here in the office two new server maschines.
IBM x Server 345 with a Raid Controller: ServeRaid 6i

I have download the latest FreeBSD Version 5.2.1 RC2 12.2.04

But the Kernel doen't find the Raid Controller, it's say: No driver attached

When i read the doc's it must be compiled in the main kernel (IPS are the
driver), from the Install CD Rom.
Yes, i have try to install with the Floppy Version, too... in drivers.flp
see IPS Driver...

Have anyone a idee how i can install Freebsd?
(at the moment only RedHut <9 it's working with this server, and i want not
use linux)

Very thanx, Michel

PS: Sorry for my english...:)

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