ipv6 gif0

Jerry bergman.jernej at siol.net
Tue Feb 3 17:33:29 PST 2004


I have a problem with setting up my IPv6 box. Scripts are ok, and gifs are made but only one works.
The one I start first works and others dont, doesnt matter wich one is first, but all other that follow link on the first one.
I allready had a box like this one, and everything worked perfectly (had 4 gifs with ipv6). When i reistalled (same version of freebsd, same pc) this problem ocured.
The only thing that changed is that I used Cabel connection before (no extra settings, just enterd IP), and now I use ADSL (PPPoE, NAT enabled). So maybe this could be a problem ?
I'm kinda new to this system but I allready search for bugs/errors that I could made and I didnt find anything. So now I'm writeing this email to you, because I dont know how to fix this.
I thank you for you help/replay!

Lp, Jernej

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