Virtual Hosting Aliases with FreeBSD 5.2

T. Halter tom at
Tue Feb 3 16:25:38 PST 2004


  I'm trying to setup multiple IP boxes using FreeBSD 5.2-Release.

  If I enter the ifconfig sis0 alias0 inet x.x.x.x

  I get a bad value error.

  Similarly, if I put it in /etc/rc.conf with the prerequisite underscores
and reboot the machine, the resulting ifconfig -a only shows the primary IP

  Did the procedure change in the 5.x series?  A look at the FreeBSD
handbook on line still shows this to be the way to accomplish this:

  I found that I can use ifconfig sis0 inet x.x.x.x alias.
It will add one additional IP to the system, but if I try to add two, I lock
up the Ethernet connection.  (I've now got to drive back down to the co-lo
facility and reboot two of the machines because of it.)

  Anyone else ran into this issue?  Anyone found the solution?  Thanks in


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