Adding Packages and Ports

Krikket krikket at
Sun Feb 1 19:29:16 PST 2004

I've done a brand-new install of FreeBSD (4.9), and am a fresh user to
this flavor of *nix.

The install went more or less without a hitch.  For some reason ldap (part
of the default package selection) didn't want to install.

While I can ssh to the box, it won't accept the password for users and/or
root.  (IE:  It makes the connection, gives a login prompt, but the
correct password is rejected.  I'm sshing from a Fedora box.)

But the big problem that I'm having, that's turning into a show-stopper
has to deal with installing packages and/or ports, once the base OS is

To test things out, I tried installing mozilla.  It failed due to a
dependancy, so I checked out the website to see what was available, found
a version that was there, adn installed it.

But when I type "mozilla" to start the program, it's not found.  (Nor was
it added to the KDE Menu.)

I was able to do a "pkg_add -r cvsup" on the first try.  But I ended up
with the same problem -- not being able to find the package once it was
installed.  Needless to say, I can't add any ports as a result.

I figure there's something basic that I'm missing, but I'll be damned if I
can figure it out, despite the help of the handbook and FAQ...

Can anyone give me a pointer in the right direction?  Please?

Thanks in advance,


(I will say that compared to some flavors of Linux, this install was
absolutely painfree.  I did have to start over on some occasions, due to
minor user errors, but assuming the perfect user during the install
process, it went rather well.  After dealing with the alsa hell of Linux,
gettign sound working on FreeBSD was a very pleasent surprise!)

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