Solution to "Zip drive failed to install".

al plant webmaster at
Sun Feb 1 19:16:57 PST 2004

Solution to failed ZIP drive install

The BIOs setting was the fault.

I cleared it by disabling the BIOs internal motherboard settings and
installing a printer card that I set to run at IRQ 7  - 0278 .
This brought up the zip drive with no problem.

Then I removed the card and reset the internal motherboard back to IRQ 7
and 0378. 
This brought up the zip drive with no problem. I did set also the BIOs
to EPP.

My original problem.

> I have a FreeBSD 4.4 box that works fine with Zip drives. I have
> another
> 4.4 that I can't get to configure the /zip drive.
> I am now building another box using 4.9 and can't get the zip drive
> to
> work on it either.
> snd module installs and works fine BTW on all three boxes.
> The error messages I get are /dev/da0s4  Device not configured.
> and trying to unload the kernel module to reload it gives the same
> message.
> I am doing this vpo install  from old notes and I can't figure out
> what's causing the configuration failure. 
> I also tried entering  /etc/fstab parameters same as the other box
> that
> works.
> /dev/da0s4   /zip  msdos rw,noauto  0   0
> Suggestions appreciated or point me clearer to a How To. I looked on
> the
> and that section is what I follow. 
> Thanks.

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