Bill Moran wmoran at
Thu Apr 29 05:35:05 PDT 2004

Dawn Cimini wrote:
> I don't know where I got the program that uses "Orion2.0", but it is on 
> my computer ..I should say it may have been. When I try to install some 
> other programs ( not from your company) they ask for the file 
> "Orion2.0.msi" I don't have that file ..maybe it's a program I don't 
> know, but I know there isn't one on my computer. I have checked the 
> entire sys  ..nothing is there.
> Now , I can't say for sure that my son didn't download your program and 
> then tried to delete it, but if that is the case how to I get my 
> programs to run without asking for that Orion2 file.

I'm not 100% sure I understand your questions, but I'll try to help as
best I can.

First off, FreeBSD is an operating system.  I don't know what Orion2.0.msi
is, but .msi files are Microsoft installer files.  The fact that you're
looking for a .msi file almost definately means that you're NOT running
FreeBSD.  I would suspect that you simply have the wrong mailing list.

If you are running FreeBSD, please provide details on the version
of FreeBSD, what software you're trying to install and exactly what
error messages you're getting and I'm sure someone will be able to
help you out.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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