Dawn Cimini dawnsmc at
Wed Apr 28 12:16:43 PDT 2004

I don't know where I got the program that uses "Orion2.0", but it is on my 
computer ..I should say it may have been. When I try to install some other 
programs ( not from your company) they ask for the file "Orion2.0.msi" I 
don't have that file ..maybe it's a program I don't know, but I know there 
isn't one on my computer. I have checked the entire sys  ..nothing is there.

Now , I can't say for sure that my son didn't download your program and then 
tried to delete it, but if that is the case how to I get my programs to run 
without asking for that Orion2 file.

Any help would be appreciated,


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