setting up an X terminal?

Mikko Työläjärvi mbsd at
Sun Apr 25 22:38:20 PDT 2004

On Mon, 26 Apr 2004, Zhang Weiwu wrote:

> Hello. I have an old Pentium MMX notebook running FreeBSD and a 2.5G
> powerful desktop computer running Gentoo (don't flame me, there are too
> many Linux guys in the office). Now I wish to use the old notebook as X
> server, and use the cpu power / memory / disk space of the desktop
> comuter. What do I need to know? Is what I'm trying to configure a
> so-called X terminal?


> Now following gdm manual perhaps I can get the X client respond XDMCP
> inquiry, but I didn't find resource on how to let my FreeBSD notebook send
> such inquiry.

X -query <hostname> -once

It is documented in Xserver(1)


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