setting up an X terminal?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at
Sun Apr 25 22:17:07 PDT 2004

Hello. I have an old Pentium MMX notebook running FreeBSD and a 2.5G
powerful desktop computer running Gentoo (don't flame me, there are too
many Linux guys in the office). Now I wish to use the old notebook as X
server, and use the cpu power / memory / disk space of the desktop
comuter. What do I need to know? Is what I'm trying to configure a
so-called X terminal?

I started from reading xdm manual, ends up getting puzzled by things like
XDMCP. It seems I need a howto book rather than a manual. What do you

It seems the xdm manual and several other documents I read suggest me to
setup the destkop computer (which is running gdm) to allow XDMCP inquiry.
The X server (in some documents it is called X terminal client, perhaps
they mean "X terminal client = X server", "X terminal host = X client")
send a inquiry to the X client, the gdm on the X client respond by sending
a login screen to the X server, and the user login okay.

Now following gdm manual perhaps I can get the X client respond XDMCP
inquiry, but I didn't find resource on how to let my FreeBSD notebook send
such inquiry.

Sorry if I'm speaking about wrong thing all the time, you see I'm
completely puzzled.

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