setting up an X terminal?

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Mon Apr 26 07:25:32 PDT 2004

On Mon, Apr 26, 2004 at 12:17:05AM -0500, Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> Hello. I have an old Pentium MMX notebook running FreeBSD and a 2.5G
> powerful desktop computer running Gentoo (don't flame me, there are too
> many Linux guys in the office). Now I wish to use the old notebook as X
> server, and use the cpu power / memory / disk space of the desktop
> comuter. What do I need to know? Is what I'm trying to configure a
> so-called X terminal?
> I started from reading xdm manual, ends up getting puzzled by things like
> XDMCP. It seems I need a howto book rather than a manual. What do you
> suggest?
> It seems the xdm manual and several other documents I read suggest me to
> setup the destkop computer (which is running gdm) to allow XDMCP inquiry.
> The X server (in some documents it is called X terminal client, perhaps
> they mean "X terminal client = X server", "X terminal host = X client")
> send a inquiry to the X client, the gdm on the X client respond by sending
> a login screen to the X server, and the user login okay.
> Now following gdm manual perhaps I can get the X client respond XDMCP
> inquiry, but I didn't find resource on how to let my FreeBSD notebook send
> such inquiry.
> Sorry if I'm speaking about wrong thing all the time, you see I'm
> completely puzzled.

Since you plan on using the Linux box as the main computer and the
laptop as the terminal, you could simplify the the whole thing and head
over to  Setting up LTSP is fairly trivial if you already
have some knowledge of DHCP and NFS.  There is decent documentation at
the LTSP site.

There is also some rather outdated (at least the last time I looked)
diskless X-terminal documentation in the FreeBSD handbook at:

I currently has a diskless server running Gentoo and while I didn't use
it, and therefore can't speak for it, Gentoo also has a diskless howto
at their site:

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