mouse in FreeBSD

ilich shmil at
Wed Apr 21 04:16:33 PDT 2004

Hello All!!!
I have problem wiht my mouse in X.

When X was loaded, the cursor of the mouse Has escaped to the right top corner. When I moved a mouse the cursor on the screen did not move.
To begin with I have edited my /etc/rc.conf file and have added following lines:
moused_flags="-z 4"
in order on to use a mouse in console.
After I have tryed to start X, but has received the message "Device busy" then 
I have edited the input section in XF86config with the following:
Option      "Device" "/dev/sysmouse"
Option      "Buttons" "5"
And I have tried to start X again. It has loaded. But mouse did not move.
What happened with a mouse in X?

Beforehand thank you

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