Postfix + MySQL + Courier-IMAP + SpamAssassin + ClamAV

Jesper Wallin z3l3zt at
Mon Apr 19 06:55:49 PDT 2004

Hello again dear list..

I have a working mail system which uses MySQL to authenticate. I have a virtual mail
system and uses Courier-imapd to access my mails (with squirrelmail). I've been spending
this afternoon to find good docs/guides how to get Postfix to work with SpamAssassin and
ClamAV, all docs I've found are written for local mail directories which uses procmail
to get the mails (so the mail is being scanned "by" procmail and not Postfix itself) ..

I have no experience at all of getting either SpamAssassin up and running and same goes
for ClamAV.. my goal is to get the postmaster send a mail like "A message sent from
foo at bar contained a virus.. bla bla" and to get SpamAssassin remove spam with the number
of false alarms as small as possible.. (yeah, it might be a dream, but that's how I want
it.).. I would be very happy of someone had any nice guide/howto/documentation on how to
make this work with Postfix using the MySQL authentication system as well as the virtual

Jesper Wallin

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