Postfix + MySQL + Courier-IMAP + SpamAssassin + ClamAV

Rob Evers rob at
Tue Apr 20 05:28:46 PDT 2004

Jesper Wallin wrote:

>Hello again dear list..
>I have a working mail system which uses MySQL to authenticate. I have a virtual mail
>system and uses Courier-imapd to access my mails (with squirrelmail). I've been spending
>this afternoon to find good docs/guides how to get Postfix to work with SpamAssassin and
>ClamAV, all docs I've found are written for local mail directories which uses procmail
>to get the mails (so the mail is being scanned "by" procmail and not Postfix itself) ..
>I have no experience at all of getting either SpamAssassin up and running and same goes
>for ClamAV.. my goal is to get the postmaster send a mail like "A message sent from
>foo at bar contained a virus.. bla bla" and to get SpamAssassin remove spam with the number
>of false alarms as small as possible.. (yeah, it might be a dream, but that's how I want
>it.).. I would be very happy of someone had any nice guide/howto/documentation on how to
>make this work with Postfix using the MySQL authentication system as well as the virtual
>Jesper Wallin
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Have a look at amavisd-new, it's an excellent 'glue' between mail-server
and scanning programs (like spamassassin and clamav).
Lot's of documents can be found on how to install this combo.

Rob Evers

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