Kernel panic when machine runs for a few hours

Simon Barner barner at
Mon Apr 5 11:37:14 PDT 2004

Jorn Argelo wrote:

[ kernel messages snipped ... ]

> I've always had the above mentioned problems (the smb_maperror and the pid 
> warnings), but I never experienced any problems with it, so I figured it 
> wasn't really a bad thing.

Yes, these are only warnings.

> I'm playing my MP3's from my server, and I mount them with mount_smbfs. Since 
> the machine was running for a few hours, it'll return quite some errors as 
> you can see. The pid errors belong to several things of KDM (kdeinit mostly)
> I did compile the kernel myself, so perhaps I made a mistake with that. I'll 
> post my kernel configuration as well:

[ snip ]

Looks good.

> I would be really grateful if any of you guys could help me with this. My 
> machine has been rock-solid for a few months, and now it starts to lock up 
> frequently. It's rather frustrating.

Can you remember when the panics started, e.g. after a specific OS

IMO the best thing to do is to build a debugging kernel and see, if you can
get a backtrace of the crash:

Once you have it, send it to the current at list, together with
a description of the problem.

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