System hang when installing 5.1

Aaron Myles Landwehr aaron at
Sat Nov 29 02:12:10 PST 2003

When i first attempted to install freebsd via cds(4.8 annd 5.1)
My pc would hang on boot exactly like yours(at the same point). I
attempted to flash the bios on the pc with a newer version. After the
update i had no problems booting 4.8 or 5.1.
> I am attempting to install 5.1 on two identical IBM NetVista Model 6645
> W2U
> legacy-free computers.  When booting from the distribution CD, both
> computers appear to hang immediately after to boot loader is located:
> ---------------------------------------------------
> CD Loader 1.01
> Building the boot loader arguments
> Looking up /BOOT/LOADER... Found
> (no further activity)
> ---------------------------------------------------
> I am installing FreeBSD 5.1 which was purchased in the boxed "Power Pak".
> Previously, I attempted to download the ISO for 4.9.1 and it hung without
> any message at all.  The system is able to successfully boot and begin the
> installation of other operating systems (various Microsoft OS's).
> Being legacy-free, the system is a bit unusual.  It has no PS/2, serial or
> parallel ports.  Further, it does not have a floppy drive.  The only
> drives
> it has are CD ROM and a 7.x GB hard drive.  The only connectors are (5)
> USB,
> (1) PCI ethernet (Intel chipset), VGA, and sound.
> When booting the FreeBSD 5.1 CD, I have only a VGA monitor and a Microsoft
> USB keyboard.
> I don't know what additional information I can provide.  If you need more
> -
> just ask.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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