FTP Servers...

Rishi Chopra rchopra at cal.berkeley.edu
Fri Nov 28 20:24:54 PST 2003

I've been installing and wiping FreeBSD installations a lot recently, 
and I've noticed that the FTP servers aren't all that accomodating of 

For example, only 1-in-4 or 1-in-5 installations from ftp.freebsd.org is 
successful (these are all minimal installations done through FTP, no 
proxy or other intermediary); despite being on a reliable residential 
fiber connection, many of my installation attempts seem to fail on 
installing 'crypto' and 'base' packages.

What's happening when these installations fail?  Am I being bumped from 
the FTP servers?  Can anything be done to make installation via FTP more 

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