Changes to /etc/login.conf ignored

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Fri Nov 21 03:07:29 PST 2003


I'm seeing somewhat strange behavior in my 4.9 System: 

Seems like any changes I make to /etc/login.conf get silently ignored. 

Here's what I've done:

I wanted to set an environment varialbe "LC_CTYPE" in /etc/login.conf
like this


Then I did a 

# cap_mkdb -v /etc/login.conf
cap_mkdb: 9 capability records

but for any user logging in "LC_CTYPE" isn't set.

Next I tried to set some abitrary env-variable in /etc/login.conf -
again that variable is not set - for none of the users.

As a last test I changed the original "setenv"-line in /etc/login.conf
to list "FTP_PASSIVE_MODE=NO" instead of the original "YES" - again
upon login every user still has passive-mode YES.

Just to be sure I even renamed/moved any shell-init files of the users
out of the way, including ~/.login_conf - didn't change a thing
either. Every change I make to /etc/login.conf gets silently ignored...

Thanks in advance for any clue,

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