Downgrading from current to release or stable?

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Fri Nov 21 05:44:38 PST 2003

On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 04:50:09AM -0600, Mike Loiterman wrote:

> Is it possible or advisable to downgrade to stable or release from
> current?  I'm running 5.1-current now, but I'm think I should
> probably switch to stable if possible.

Down... -- er -- regrading to STABLE is certainly possible, but not
what most people would think of as easy.  One major stumpling block is
that UFS2 in 5-CURRENT isn't supported in 4-STABLE, so unless you
happened to specifically create all of your 5.x filesystems using the
old UFS, you're going to have to wipe and re-install loads of stuff.

If you do decide to jump to 4.9-STABLE then probably the simplest way
to do things is to backup any data you need to save, make notes about
exactly how you've configured your system, what ports you have
installed and all the other customizations you've done, and then just
re-install 4.9-STABLE from scratch.

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