non-proportional fonts for X

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Sun Nov 16 20:45:34 PST 2003

In the last episode (Nov 17), Harald Schmalzbauer said:
> perhaps someone achieved something useful from the search for a good
> mail font. I don't like misc-fixed for mails (I use kmail) so I took
> courier-new 9pt. But with that font the 1 and l are looking very
> similar with less that 10pt. And 10pt is too big for me. So I
> switched to Lucida typewriter. Readability at 9pt is quiet good but
> I'd like to know your favourites.

My preferred TTF fixed-width font is LetterGothic Line (letgothl.ttf),
but it only looks good in Windows.  Under X there is too much
horizontal space between the letters for some reason.  2nd choice is
Vera Bitstream Mono, which has very distinct 1/l 0/O pairs, but has
thinner vertical stems, so it gets washed-out at small sizes.

If you prefer bitmap fonts, Terminus (x11-fonts/terminus-font) is
pretty good.  I use the bold flavor as my xterm font.  The version in
ports has almost identical o and a, though.  I need to send in a PR to
have the port updated to the current one.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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