how to map pfkeys to screen -r cmds

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Sun Nov 16 06:22:53 PST 2003

On Mon, 17 Nov 2003 00:28, Marty Landman wrote:
> At 04:13 AM 11/16/2003, Malcolm Kay wrote:
> >I think you may have misunderstood the nature of the virtual terminals.
> > What do you hope to do through ssh. The virtual terminal is relavent only
> > to the local machine -- if pretends that there are 16 (or however many
> > are set up) separate screens and keyboards and these share the real
> > screen and keyboard by
> >switching -- normally throgh the Alt-f? combination.
> Ok Malcolm, I see what you mean. When ssh'g in the alt-f combo doesn't give
> me a new screen but when on the master console it does.
> Here's what I'd like... to have the most convenient way - w/o installing X
> @ this time to have several sessions at once. Session may not be the right
> word but still. The screen cmd is kind of close but the alt-f feature
> you've explained seems much better, easier for me to use.
> My workstation is where I've been working from, su root'ing when needed.
> Besides letting me work on one monitor/keybd it also lets me copy/paste
> from the workstation easily. But right now I've got the fbsd monitor on and
> the keyboard behind me with 3 sessions running.

Probably not what you want; but assuming the machine you are ssh'ing from
is FreeBSD or Linux or something else with virtual terminals then you can have 
multiple local logins and from each run a separate ssh session on the remote
machine. Once setup the Alt-f? key strokes will switch between those separate 
ssh sessions.

It is also possible to funnel other ssh sessions or other types such as telnet
through the original ssh session but this can get rather complex and probably
gains nothing over separate ssh connections. In other words I'm not quite sure 
how you do it!


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