how to map pfkeys to screen -r cmds

Marty Landman MLandman at
Sun Nov 16 06:42:13 PST 2003

At 09:22 AM 11/16/2003, Malcolm Kay wrote:

>Probably not what you want; but assuming the machine you are ssh'ing from
>is FreeBSD or Linux or something else with virtual terminals

My workstation is windoz xp.

>It is also possible to funnel other ssh sessions or other types such as telnet
>through the original ssh session but this can get rather complex and probably
>gains nothing over separate ssh connections.

Like using the screen command for more than one other session gets rather 
complex, not to mention tedious.

>In other words I'm not quite sure how you do it!

The alt-fk swapping of virtual consoles is just what I'm looking for, only 
with the convenience of one physical location. Hmm, I do use WinVNC to 
operate the desktop of 3 other windoz machines from the convenience of my 
own workstation; albeit maybe this is (sort of) no different than using SSH.

Truth be told Malcolm I installed my fbsd box one week ago and am thrilled 
to have as much working as I do. With Perl, Apache, PostgreSQL and Lynx 
along with the ability to SSH and FTP in I can pretty much get to work 
moving my local web development environment from my workstation to my fbsd 
box. Once I get Samba working I can do so conveniently. It's not the way I 
would've said a week ago I was going to spend my time but it is time well 
spent I think.

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