mouse curser

Dagsylad Dagsylad at
Tue Nov 11 12:48:16 PST 2003

hi, i'm running windowmaker on a vodoo 3 card, all is set up nicely and is displaying in 32bit color @ 1024x 768
the only problem is the mouse curser, or lack of it, instead of a curser, there is a very pixulated square.
the mouse "curser" does move and clicks fine, but it is displying as a pixulated almost invisiable square, ie ..

........... .
.. .. ...... 
... ......  .
. . . .. ....

it looks kind of like that, and the top left corner of it seems to be the "point"

any idea's whats causing this ?
under the mouse config section of /stand/sysinstall  it configures and a curser moves properly


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