JAIL can't FTP ports?

Rus Foster rghf at fsck.me.uk
Sat Nov 8 17:34:21 PST 2003

On Sat, 8 Nov 2003, Chris wrote:

> While logged into a jail (running on a public IP address), I can SSH into it and run /stand/sysinstall. I choose the options to install a port or package via FTP, and I end up with a message like "No network devices available"
> I found a year-and-a-half-old post that mentioned sysinstall trying to use low level calls, and jails not allowing low level calls. While I really don't understand exactly what that means, I guess it brings up the questions:
> 1) Can I use FTP to install ports or packages without going through sysinstall?
> 2) If not, is there any other way to get the entire ports collection into the jail, without actually being at the console?
> And if I create a jail from a system with no ports, does that mean the jail will have no ports? And if my system has the entire ports collection installed, will a new jail also have them?
> Thanks again,
> Chris

 We had this. IIRC put network_device="rl0" (or appropiate) in

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