JAIL can't FTP ports?

Brent Wiese brently at bjwcs.com
Mon Nov 10 17:27:55 PST 2003

In addition to Rus' comments:

> 1) Can I use FTP to install ports or packages without going 
> through sysinstall?

Yes, and to me, this seems the smarter way to do it. You can "pkg_add -r" to
your hearts content, or, if you want all the ports (which I prefer over
packages myself), use "fetch" to grab the latest ports.tar.gz and unzip it.

> 2) If not, is there any other way to get the entire ports 
> collection into the jail, without actually being at the console?

SSH in and do the fetch I mentioned above.

> And if I create a jail from a system with no ports, does that 
> mean the jail will have no ports? And if my system has the 
> entire ports collection installed, will a new jail also have them?

I do not believe (I could be wrong, I've only done jail setups once) that
when you create the jail it does not install the ports tree whether its on
your box or not. However, if you want to avoid the bandwidth hit of fetching
the ports.tar.gz, you could copy it over from the master into the jail/ports
dir. If its an old ports.tar.gz, then you can cvsup it from inside the

I found this link to be superb when setting up jails for the first time:


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