sftp mount?

Odhiambo Washington wash at wananchi.com
Fri Nov 7 06:56:48 PST 2003

* Lewis Thompson <purple at lewiz.net> [20031107 17:28]: wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm wondering if there might be any way to mount an sftp ``filesystem''?
> At my university everything is firewalled and the only way I can
> transfer files to/from my account is to use sftp -- but that gets quite
> painful after a while.

What do you mean by quite painful? sftp should be very easy to use, as
it uses the underlying ssh. All you have to do is automate the "ftp"
process. You can do this via a script run via your personal cron

Tell us what you want to achieve and well chip in with good ideas.

>   I was wondering if anybody knew a way I might achieve what could
> essentially be described as mounting an sftp ``export''?  Maybe I could
> specify an argument that sets the logical root?
>   So:
> mount_sftp --root=/home/lewiz foo.bar.com /remote_home

Hmm, with that security level, I wonder how they will handle NFS.

Basically you have to ask the folks administering your systems if they
allow NFS and I doubt it already.

> would provide /home/lewiz on foo.bar.com at /remote_host?  Is this
> possible in any way at all?

It is, as above.

> Or can anybody suggest any other way I might achieve something similar?
> Bear in mind I am actually restricted to sftp/ssh.

Forget your ideas. Tell us what it is that you want to be doing.



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